The Headache of Password Caching in MXD file

Got headache of password caching in your mxd files?

If your company have policy to change account password frequently and has maximum bad password and your mxd document is getting data from an account that affect to it, most likely you will have problem locking the account. I have been researching the behavior of mxd document using a tool and found:

  • It caches password up to 3 times
  • It will cache password forever if you deleted a layer as the layer information still exists in the file, take a look this screenshot. This layer called Layer A After, it still exists in the file even I couldn’t see it from ArcMapHex


How to fix it?

Good question! There is ONLY one way that I know so far…it is…create a new mxd file! Or inject the encrypted password with latest one. Any comments?


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