Shape Integrity Error

Got this error, Shape Integrity Error? after for a while your mxd file was fine and suddenly, it popped up the error? or you couldn’t republish your mxd file and when you opened your data in ArcMap and sorted the data, you got the error?

Shape Integrity Error is related to your data, whether it is corrupted or it has different geometry type (SDO_gTYPE).

In my case, I am using Oracle spatial, some data has been loaded without being checked. This Oracle site has good information about SDO_GEOMETRY object type,


Here are some queries that you can use to check your data,

For example: your table/view name is World_Countries that has a column, Shape with SDO_Geometry data type. So to query all SDO_Geometry info

select a.Shape , a.Shape.sdo_srid, a.Shape.sdo_gtype,
a.Shape.sdo_point, a.Shape.sdo_elem_info, a.Shape.sdo_ordinates from World_Countries a;


from there you can filter your data to find if the data have different geometry type or SRID or etc.


Hopefully this post can give you idea to solve your error mystery 🙂





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